(01) current loves: olltii, winner aesthetic, bts / taehyung, ace, luhan's chest, the newsroom, probably you.

(02) on deck: WIN 2, setaekai RM, exo 90:2014, AHL 5, SMTM, IOTL 6
ff, requests, inbox cleaning, backing up files, cloud atlas

(03) schedule:
8/22-8/31 - limited internet
9/1 - back in SF
9/23 - uni

(04) in case nobody has told you today: you are hella bomb, hella cute, and anyone would be hella lucky to have you.



I will only have limited internet for the next 9 days (will probably be stealing my apartment building’s office wifi when I can), + my laptop has been acting up a lot recently, so I will not be online as much until September (!!).
Replies to messages will be slow(er than they usually already are), and blog will mostly be on queue.

But don’t worry, I’ll have something nice for you guys when I get back to SF in September (:
Until then, please @ me on twitter (which does not suck up as much phone data as tumblr). Let me know if exo and/or bangtan do anything stupid…. thanks !!

suga ft yoonmin picspam ♡ (asked by xreysa)

"Does my name pass through your mind when it’s 3 am and you’re wide awake?"

— (via wer-will-liebeslieder)

the monotone project ; page 9/?